Furukawa DCR 20

Mobile, Maneuverable, Durable and Performing Middle class down the hole drill
Smooth operation in comfortable cabin
Drilling on any kind of rock

  • Air conditioned FOPS / ROPS cab
  • Ergonomically engineered machine and drill controls
  • High pressure and large capacity compressor
  • Large dust collector
  • Accurate positioning with boom swing like crawler drill
  • Good visibility of bit with sliding suction cap
  • Fast traveling with tough track
  • Easy maintenance with large access door
  • Tier 3 low emission engine

Available In:

  • Balikpapan (1 unit)

XCMG XZ420E Horizontal Directional

  • Hydraulic pilot control, provide comfortable operating performance and flexible regulation, first-class brand of hydraulic components to ensure the reliability of the machine hydraulic system.
  • Rack and pinion sliding, to ensure the stability of the carriage and the reliability of drive operational. Carriage floating, XCMG proprietary patented Carriage floating, floating vice technology can greatly protect the drill pipe thread, the service life of the drill pipe 30% increase.
  • High-speed sliding systems, piston motor to achieve high and low sliding speed of carriage, increasing the ability to adapt the machine working conditions, promote construction efficiency.
  • The whole machine adopts protection technology such as proportional wire-controlled walking, seat switch, logic interlock, electrical shock protection and , short time Plus 20% force, meet the CE safety certification requirements.
  • Sliding, rotating system multiple output, modular common rail fuel system and electronic control module, system energy saving, high efficiency of construction, efficiency increased by 15%.
  • Support the diverse needs of customers, the machine can be increased with cab, air conditioner, cold start, mud antifreeze, automatic loading rod, electrical shock protection automatic thread oil daub etc, reduce the working strength, improve the construction efficiency.

Available In:

  • Balikpapan (1 unit)
  • Sumbawa NTB (1 unit)

Hanjin Power 6000SCDB

  • Available for Down The Hole and Rotary Drilling.
  • Reduce the cost of drilling accessories, wearing parts and Fuel consumption.
  • Easy to make the Rig load and unload on truck as Self-loading by itself.
  • Save the setting time for starting work.
  • Vertical, Angle drilling, Holizontal Boring are available as option.
  • High working efficiency.
  • Easy to repair the machine due to full Hydraulic system.
  • Track mounted type is available.
  • Rod Handler System – Option.
  • Wireless Remote Control – Option

Available In:

  • Sangihe Sulawasi Utara (1 unit)

THOR 5000

The THOR 5000 described is a track mounted, compact, RC drill rig with an on board air compressor which is highly effective in reverse circulation and rotary drilling techniques. With over 100 machines built to date the Thor 5000 is widely used worldwide for exploration drilling.

Available In:

  • Mandalika Lombok NTB (1 unit)

Hanjin D&B CBM45

Powerful head, spindle rotation from 0 to 1100rpm and 45t pull-back.
The rig is usually mounted on a jack-up 30T crawler base, providing sufficient height for BOP assembles, etc.

Main Winch – 10,000kg
Retract Force – 45,000kg
Retract Speed – 25m/min
Pull Down Force – 24,000kg
Pull Down Speed – 30m/min
Head Stroke – 10m
Rotation Speed – 14,715nm


  • 45T pull-back
  • Folding walk-ways and hand rails
  • Triple motor rotation head
  • Wireline winch
  • Doosan diesel motor
  • Top head drive
  • Four head speeds
  • 24V electrical system c/w working lights
  • Height adjustable control panel with 45 degree movement
  • Hands-free table break out system

PWL – up to 1,000m
HWL – up to 1,500m
NWL – up to 2,000m
BWL – up to 2,500m

Available In:

  • Sumbawa NTB (1 unit)

CSD 500C

The CSD 500C man-portable drill rig is specially designed for diamond drilling in poor-access locations. Its modularized design features extreme convenience to break down into light pieces which may be hand-carried to the job site. This rig consists of two diesel power units, a hydraulic system, control panel, mast, main winch, wire-line winch, drill head, feed system, foot clamps, etc. The robust structure and precise control system ensures a high penetration rate and outstanding reliability.

  • All-hydraulic Drill Head The drill head is driven by two hydraulic pumps powered by two diesel engines. The drill head is propelled by a variable speed motor, with a low- and high-speed feed system.
  • Easy Assembly/Disassembly The power unit, hydraulic tank, control panel and drill system are designed as separated units. Each unit is lightweight to ensure easy transportation. Th e rig configuration can be adjusted according to particular pad sites, with hole angle capacity of between -45O to -90O.
  • Wide-Range of Applicability Besides working extremely well in diamond wire-line drilling, this rig also meets various requirements of core drilling.

Available In:

  • Balikpapan (1 unit)

Desco SP4500SA

As one of the most compact drills upto 200M depth for waterwell & geothermal. the SP4500 delivers super power in a compact package.
Compactable size enables drillers to easily operate & manage in working place, SP4500 features a pullback capacity of 10 ton and a torque can increased.
SP4500 can also included a advanced rod management system that ensures safe and efficient operation, A radio remote safely position the driller away from the rig during traveling.

  • SP4500 for waterwell & geothermal drilling
  • Design for drilling up to 300M with dia. 4” and up to dia. 8”
  • Percussion drilling methods
  • Rotary drilling methods
  • All instrument & control levers are concentrated
  • Mounted full package on drill rig
  • Self-loading system
  • Easy to repair the machine by yourself due to full Hyd. system
  • Installed major hyd. Parts so easy to find spare parts in the market
  • Options – inverter, auto rod changer, pre-heating system, truck mounted type and so on

Available In:

  • Balikpapan (2 unit)

Desco SP7000SA-RC

As one of the most standard drills upto RC 4” -500M, HQ-1100M depth for exploration drilling (RC & Diamond). SP7000SA-RC surface coring drill is an advanced addition to the SP-SA-RC series featuring a telescopic and dump mast. SP7000SA-RC is capable multi-purpose of both reverse circulation & diamond coring as well as DTH, rotary drilling methods with pullback capacity of 25 ton and a torque can be increased. SP7000SA-RC can also include a advanced rod management system that ensures safe and efficient operation, the reverse circulation (RC) drilling method utilized to collect rock samples quickly and efficiently. The high drilling speed and low cost of RC drilling makes it an ideal method for exploration project of deeper RC & diamond drilling

  • SP7000SA-RC for exploration RC & diamond drilling
  • Design for drilling up to RC – 500M & HQ – 1100M
  • Multi-purpose (reverse circulation & diamond drilling methods)
  • Wireline system
  • Percussion & rotary drilling methods (Additional)
  • Vertical, Angle Drilling (45 degree – 90 degree) capability
  • Foot clamping system
  • All instrument & control levers are concentrated.
  • Mounted full package on drill rig
  • Self-loading system
  • Installed major hyd. Parts so easy to find spare parts in the market
  • Options – inverter, auto rod changer, pre-heating system, wireless remote control and so on

Available In:

  • Balikpapan (2 unit)

Hanjin D&B 30 Multi

  • Multi-purpose drilling rig (Diamond Core & Reverse Circulation drilling)
  • Powerful drilling performance
  • Reverse Circulation drilling : 400m drilling (5 inch)
  • Top head Rotation system
  • Auto Rod Changing System
  • Truck mounted type is available

Available In:

  • Balikpapan (1 unit)
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