CSD 500C

The CSD 500C man-portable drill rig is specially designed for diamond drilling in poor-access locations. Its modularized design features extreme convenience to break down into light pieces which may be hand-carried to the job site. This rig consists of two diesel power units, a hydraulic system, control panel, mast, main winch, wire-line winch, drill head, feed system, foot clamps, etc. The robust structure and precise control system ensures a high penetration rate and outstanding reliability.

CSD 500C Features

  • All-hydraulic Drill Head The drill head is driven by two hydraulic pumps powered by two diesel engines. The drill head is propelled by a variable speed motor, with a low- and high-speed feed system.
  • Easy Assembly/Disassembly The power unit, hydraulic tank, control panel and drill system are designed as separated units. Each unit is lightweight to ensure easy transportation. Th e rig configuration can be adjusted according to particular pad sites, with hole angle capacity of between -45O to -90O.
  • Wide-Range of Applicability Besides working extremely well in diamond wire-line drilling, this rig also meets various requirements of core drilling.

CSD 500C Specifications

Drilling Capacity Diam of Drill Rod Drilling Depth
BS 600m
NS 400m
HS 200m
Hydraulic System Pressure 22MPa
Cooling Air Cooled
Power Unit Model Yanmar 4TNV84T
Power 35.5KW(each)
Engine RPM 2,800rpm
Drill Head Max Torque 1,120Nm
Max Rotation,RPM 1,100rpm
FeedStroke 1,800mm
Max Inside Diameter 97mm
Max Pull 70KN
Max Push 35KN
Main Winch Max Pull 30KN
Pulling Speed 35m/min
Rope Diameter 14mm
Rope Length 30m
Wireline Winch Max Pull 11KN(baredrum)
Pulling Speed 94m/min(baredrum)
Rope Diameter 5mm
Rope Length 500m
Mast Length 6.2m
Drilling Angle 45°-90°
Foot Clamp Drill Rod BS,NS,HS,φ108
Transporting Dimensions Main Frame Unit 3,450×1,800×1,500mm
Power Unit 1,280×680×980mm
Operation Unit 1,030×655×1,135mm
Max Unit Weight After Dismountingis

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