Furukawa HCR 1500

HCR1500 EDII with extendable boom increases drill pattern, while the HCR1500 D20 has a fixed boom with 20′ rods for deeper drilling capability.

  • High-output compressor increases flushing air, provides faster drilling and decreases bit wear.
  • Reliable dust control system increases suction capacity and provides effective pre-cleaner to reduce escape of drilling dust. An optional dust suppression system is available for difficult drilling conditions.
  • Advanced rotary rod changer allows easy drill rod changes. Operators can add and removerods using a single lever. Rods can also be indexed in the rack to distribute wear evenlyand reduce costs.
  • Low-emission Tier II engines offer low fuel consumption and meets US exhaust emissionsregulations.
  • Heavy-duty undercarriage – featuring a pentagonal section design to reduce dirt build-upand track wear – ensures strength and durability.
  • Angle indicator for quick and easy drilling alignment.


  • Weight : 17220kg
  • Drifter Model : HD715
  • Free Air Delivery : Extention
  • Boom Type : 89-127mm
  • Rod Size : 51R (45R)
  • Rod Lenght : 3660mm (12ft)

Available in:

  • Furukawa DCR 20
  • Furukawa HCR1500 EDII (Short Mast)
  • Furukawa HCR1500 D20 (Long Mast)