Drill Rigs

  • Track mounted to optimise active drill time.
  • Dedicated crawlers for each rig unit.
  • New equipment is deployed for new contracts.
  • Mobilization periods are defined and delivered.
  • Refurbished rigs and equipment can be deployed if required.
  • Critical spares and equipment are all on site.
  • Equipment is specifically tailored to suit ground and access conditions

Typical Site Structure

  • Site Manager : Experienced expatriate and national site managers.
  • Drilling Supervisor : Experienced expatriates and nationals
  • Drillers : Experienced expatriates and nationals, all assessed by certified assessor.
  • Mechanics : Experienced expatriates and nationals
  • OHS&E : A qualified officer
  • Support logistics : All qualified and certified operators
  • We establish fully equipped workshops on each site with the capabilities to provide independent operational support.
  • Each site is stocked with a substantial quantity of spares and consumables.


  • Each site has a suitably qualified HSE officer.
  • A HSE management plan will be provided which covers all relevant safety and environmental issues specific to each site.
  • Procedures, reporting and processes are in place at commencement.